Places to Visit and Tourist Attractions in Goa Tourism

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The places which are famous due to the beauty and many other sightseeing in India, Goa is one of them and this is a famous tourist destination in India. I have visited this place once in last year and saw all the beauty around this place. If I will get a chance to visit this place again, then I’ll never miss this chance. If you are searching for a calm and quiet place for your leisure time, then you should take a tour to Goa.

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Goa sightseeing is itself a beautiful thing to do over here in Goa. Some of the best sightseeing in Goa are:

The Famous Goa’s Church –The Basilica of Bom Jesus is the famous church of Goa and don’t miss to pray here. This is 400 years old church and also famous among local people as…

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Halloween in US- Let’s celebrate the Horror

Halloween is a festival celebrated on the night of 31st October. The word Halloween is a shortening of All Hallows’ Evening also known as Hallowe’en or All Hallows’ Eve. The time in the church year is dedicated to remembering the dead, including saints (hallows) martyrs, and all the faithful departed believers.

Typical  Halloween festival activities include trick-or-treating , attending costume parties, decorating, carving pumpkins into jack-o’-lanterns, lighting bonfires, apple bobbing, visiting haunted attractions, playing pranks, telling scary stories, and watching horror films.

Hamburg Travel Guide – Solo women travelers

Difficulties during visit for the solo women travelers to Hamburg: 

Hamburg is a beautiful city in Germany and is located on the Elbe River. There is a lot of sightseeing in the city which attracts the tourists. You can also find the valuable places like St. Nikolai and the City hall. I have visited this place and I love this place due to its beauty and the sightseeing. One must go there to find out the real beauty and the sights over there.

If you are planning to visit the Hamburg then you should have the proper information about the places and the accommodation. If it’s your first time to visit this place then you should hire a travel guide by which you can get the best places and the complete information about these places. During the Hamburg Travel you can see the beauty all around you.

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Advice to solo women Traveler:

Nowadays travelling is also becoming famous among women. But for a female to travel alone is a difficult thing. But still there are a lot of solo women who travel alone. Solo women travelers should be more careful during her trip. There should be proper plan before visiting any place such as about accommodation and all about the place. The place is safe for women or not is the major factor which should keep in mind before traveling.

Advice for Solo women travelers is that don’t try to talk to a stranger. And if you feel uncomfortable in front of anyone then try to be rude with the person and make a difference from him. This is difficult for the solo female traveler to travel a place where you are alone and you don’t know anyone there.

Guidelines for Solo female traveler to Hamburg:

It is advised to the solo women travelers to Hamburg that always try to speak in English, because this is the universal language. And it is more important to learn some little words related to the country where you want to visit like hello and thank you.

Things to do in Hamburg :

If you are interested to go for a ride on a boat then you can enjoy the boat trip in Hamburg, just hire a boat and can enjoy the unforgettable moments.
You can also enjoy the lovely and the beautiful area of this city. This reflects the real beauty of the city and also attracts the tourists.

You can enjoy the coffee and the seafood in many of the restaurants at Protugiesenviertel. Also there are some Spanish and Italian restaurants.
To see the old town you can go for a day trip to Luneburg. It takes only 30 minutes to reach there from the Hamburg.

You can also enjoy the drink of the Hamburg such as, Astra, juice and Hamburg beer. These are the famous drinks of the Hamburg.

These all are some of the things to do in Hamburg and for information about the Hamburg just go through the Hamburg travel guide on the JoGuru.

Top Museums in Los Angeles

Los Angeles the second most populous city in California, United States. It is one of the best city to spend summer vacations to enjoy with family and friends. The top of the travel attraction in los angeles is the great architectural museums with recorded arts.

 I hope you would love the video above and it may encourage you to plana trip to Los Angeles city.

Rather than museums, there are many other tourist attractions to see in Los Angeles city which would add extra enjoyment in your trip.

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Kudos to Madrid Tourism, it would fascinate you!

Let yourselves go wild with the ecstasy, passion and amazement with the spice of Madrid tourism refreshening you during your holls. Mike, Novey, Oscar and Fernandez were there together and the best was yet to come to surprise them with the fabulous incarnation of Madrid as just the place to be. Madrid loves to entangle you within its grip and even before you realize you are way ahead on your journey. Putting thoughts into point-wise arrangements, here 10 reasons to visit Madrid:

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  1. Museo Del Prado: They were awesome foursome, and just as they got to visit this place, they felt that coming face to face with the art and culture of the 18 th century was great. Paradoxically it seemed like the future had come to meet the past. Well-liked paintings had the touch of Bosch, Brueghel, Titian Goya and the rest of the artists who had fiddled with their paint brushes and their works were stylishly different from what they had seen anywhere else.
  2. Palacio Real: Casting their glance on the Madrid travel guide made them decide to visit Royal Palace that enthused them as they came to know that it was reconstructed after the fire, this time the designing was done by Louvre. The ambience of the place, the interiors, were all fabulously setting their mark on the minds of the onlookers. The place had paintings done on fresh plaster; furniture had an appeal about itself. Even the gardens appeared to fetch your attention making the outward glory of the place complement breathtaking interiors.
  3. Real Jardin Botanico: Madrid tourist information made them visit the Botanico where plants presented themselves in a attention grabbing way. They noticed that the place was being used to the preservation of the eco-system of Europe in the most delightful manner.
  4. Parque del Buen Retiro: Novey liked the place and said, ‘If I get a chance I would come here again I would, zats for sure!’ Being at the largest parks in Madrid, supported by lake, sculptures, monuments, different forms of galleries and the cafes just made the day for them
  5. Rena Sofia Museum: Salvador Dali and Picasso’s works housed together made this museum look awe-inspiring as the collections put art in a new profile.
  6. Toledo: It was a short-train ride as they got down they saw churches painted by El Greco. The plush cathedral dates back to the 11 th century.
  7. Flamenco: Casa Patas of the Corral de la Pacheca was a great venue of flamenco, especially enjoyable seemed the performance on Sunday nights at El Juglar.
  8. Footwear you’d love to own: It was cool to be at the place, and all bought what they wanted. They bargained, they tried the pairs that suited them the most and felt that the greed to have more made them shop, shop and shop more for shoes.
  9. Visting Madrid in a Cable Car: The city of the Palace and parks could be enjoyed this way as well.
  10. Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza: An architectural marvel by Rafael Moneo metamorphosized the building into a terracotta environment richly lit with 775 paintings harmonized their minds, as they went past it.

Madrid tourism was cool and for the four guys who visited the place together, it was living life wholeheartedly and each day mattered. It was like being conscious of the fact that paradise is where you feel it.

You travel guide to places that you want visit or visit again, could be Complete info about the place you would like to is being provided with details about boarding and lodging, and knowing about the places worth being visited. Make use of I, you would love it !

Boston Travel Guide — A beautiful city of dreams

United States of America is one of the most gracious continents on the planet. Blame it to the type of richness they shower over their own compatriots. American countries have always been at their best; termed as the most developed countries of the world this continent has always tried to serve with their best possible services. They have always made sure, that each city, county, as well as districts of their continent is able to pour out the best of them.

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One of such go-getting city is Boston. Well, needless to mention, jewel in the eyes of New England, Boston is the golden boy in the eyes of American people. This vibrant city is at its golden mean in terms of United States and New England. The various landmarks and milestones it shares with the nation are the main attractions of the tourists.

According to, Boston travel guide, the cultural, economical, social, as well as political development of this city is quite impressing. The good faith of the Boston people has actually helped this city to get at its best. Their co-operation has brought them countless success. The marvelously good-humored city is crowded with numerous towering buildings and gigantic business centers.

The diversifying landscape over viewing the flowing Charles River is something any aspiring photographer will fall in love. Boston tourist information professes the fact that their city is independent of all types of natural as well as fabricated influences. Technically, Boston has their own means and mediums to protect as well as secure their natural resources.

They do not require any outside sources for the protection and security of their own natural forms of scenic beauties. A land of both hills and valleys, Boston love the natural blending of hills with the clouds; the flickering sun rays playing hide and seek with the crystalline river water from the back of the clouds on the heart of the vast blue sky.

Boston’s tempting pleasant weather and seasonal changes adds the cherry on the creamy cake. Boston Tourism loves the fact that they are able to enjoy such innocent playing of the nature. Well, Boston also has the metro life on their way brewing up. The gorgeous restaurants, hotels, pubs as well as the groovy disco nights are something, which scores up the heat quotient among the young generation. Therefore, you and your partner will love to spend some precious cozy time in Boston.

Summary: If you want to enjoy your next seasonal change in a classy city, like Boston, then do make sure to scan the web pages of the JoGuru. You can also visit their nearest branch and get a clear idea about the procedures they follow for the utter satisfaction of their clients.